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Preliminary Musings on PARADISE-MI (sacubutril-valsartan post MI)

Cardiologists have been happily prescribing angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor, sacubutril-valsartan, for heart failure with reduced ejection (HFrEF) for a while now. And the drug was…

New Guidelines for Endpoints in Valve Intervention Trials: is it an autocracy?

New Guidelines for Endpoints in Valve Intervention Trials: is it an autocracy?

“History has time and again shown that unlimited power in the hands of one person or group in most cases means that others are suppressed…

Athletes’ hearts after COVID: the entity that wasn’t

2020 was a year of relatively uninformative studies about the effects of COVID on the heart as I have previously lamented. 2021 has proved more…

“Breakthrough” devices – to fast-track or not to fast-track

In the US, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves new medical devices. The CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) decides whether to cover…

Colchicine and COVID-19: a Tale of Two Trials

COLCORONA was a double-blinded randomised controlled trial of over 4000 patients comparing a 30 day course of colchicine with placebo for people with COVID-19 but…

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CVCT CardioBrief will provide a platform for a diverse spectrum of opinions and perspectives on issues of interest to the cardiovascular clinical trials community. We aim to promote rigorous, unbiased, and patient-centred scientific discourse and debate within the cardiovascular community. CVCT CardioBrief does not seek to compete with medical journals or other traditional forums; instead we seek to create an accessible and responsive forum for discussion about important cardiovascular trials and other significant developments. It is our goal to provide a voice for perspectives that may not have always been able to gain exposure and consideration in traditional settings.

CVCT CardioBrief is an expansion of the CardioBrief website and is published by the CVCT Forum.

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