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Should the ACC Have a Live Meeting? 

The American College of Cardiology is planning to have some live participants at its annual scientific sessions meeting in May. The college said it is also partnering with a technology company to offer these participants a wearable monitoring device “as an added safety measure for monitoring possible COVID-19 symptoms.”
In my view both decisions are mistaken and send messages that are the exact opposite of what responsible medical and scientific organizations should be promulgating during the pandemic.

Chunkification of Clinical Trials: Why aren’t we adopting the Win Ratio more widely?

Most of us like our news (medical or otherwise) pre-digested into understandable chunks for consumption. This need for this is inevitable because we expect to…

Salt Intake, Life Expectancy and Mortality: A Not-So-Salty Story for the Holidays

Salt Intake, Life Expectancy and Mortality: A Not-So-Salty Story for the Holidays

Numerous publications attest to the observation that a high salt intake can trigger hypertensive cardiovascular disease de novo or accelerate pre-existing hypertension. For decades practicing physicians have warned their patients about excessive salt intake.

CVCT Forum 2020: An Interview with John Teerlink about Omecamtiv

What’s unique about omecamtiv? Darrel Francis speaks to GALACTIC-HF PI, John Teerlink about that dirty word in heart failure… “inotrope”. The new language is myotropes,…

The Defense of Science in the Age of Fake News

Fake news didn’t just become a problem because of Trump, or the pandemic. It’s been around for a long while. The problem can’t begin to be solved unless the medical and scientific community accepts that it has an absolute responsibility to aggressively debunk fake news and defend and support scientific principles.

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