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James Stein Interview with SAMSON senior author Darrel Francis: Statin Side Effects – The Symptoms are Real

James Stein Interview with SAMSON senior author Darrel Francis: Statin Side Effects – The Symptoms are Real

The SAMSON trial recruited patients who had given up statins for good due to side effects. Why was the trial needed and what do the…

SAMSON and the Future of Clinical Trials in Cardiology

The most interesting and impactful trial presented at the AHA this week (and simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine) was the SAMSON trial,…

Cardiology Research: Business As Usual During the Pandemic

The middle of a raging pandemic is no time for business-as-usual research studies, especially when the studies falsely purport to shed light on that pandemic. Such papers have all the appearance of high quality science. They have a ton of data and a lot of big words but they’re incapable of providing reliable or useful information that can aid in our understanding and control of the health emergency.

COVID-19 Heart: We have all the gear but no idea

We have plenty of sophisticated gear to understand heart problems. For COVID-19, we’ve seen Troponin blood tests, cardiac MRIs and echo. For example, cardiac injury was associated with a higher risk of death in hospitalized patients. And yet, we have no answers to the questions that matter for clinical practice.

Darrel Francis Interview with Matthew Budoff: Demistifying the EVAPORATE trial of icosapent ethyl

Darrel Francis speaks to Matthew Budoff about EVAPORATE trial and asks about the plaque progression in the placebo arm and the choice of placebo. EVAPORATE was a follow-on mechanistic study from REDUCE-IT and was presented at the European Society of Cardiology 2020 and published in the European Heart Journal.

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