Skeptics and the Pandemic

I recently posted the following thread on Twitter: I am so disappointed by the large number of pre-pandemic medical skeptics who have now turned into…

Why social media speech is not free

Many people are now noticing the harmful effects social media can have. These may range from social isolation, anxiety, depression and distortion of body image,…

A Schooling in Side Effects

The other day, I had the pleasure of being corrected by ever-impressive Milton Packer and I feel obliged to share his teachings with you. The…

Should the ACC Have a Live Meeting? 

The American College of Cardiology is planning to have some live participants at its annual scientific sessions meeting in May. The college said it is also partnering with a technology company to offer these participants a wearable monitoring device “as an added safety measure for monitoring possible COVID-19 symptoms.”

In my view both decisions are mistaken and send messages that are the exact opposite of what responsible medical and scientific organizations should be promulgating during the pandemic.

The Defense of Science in the Age of Fake News

Fake news didn’t just become a problem because of Trump, or the pandemic. It’s been around for a long while. The problem can’t begin to be solved unless the medical and scientific community accepts that it has an absolute responsibility to aggressively debunk fake news and defend and support scientific principles.